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Past Partners

We thank everyone who could make it to e-summit 2018-19. your presence was the key to our success.


Kainaz Messman
- Founder of Theobroma

Dr. Mustafa Saasa
- Chairman SEPL India, Sell Force International (Dubai)
& Raj Group of Companies


Raj Shamani
-UN Speaker,Founder of Shamani Industries


Samyak Chakrabarty
- Chairman and MD
at X Billion Labs

Rajiv Dingra
- Founder and CEO of WATConsult


Revathi Roy
- Co Founder and CEO at Hey Deedee

Mohit Shukla
- Head - Legal and Complianceat Barclays

Sasha Mirchandani
- Founder & Managing Director at Kae Capital

Ajay Ramasubramaniam
- Country Director of Zone Startups

Amit Mehra
-VC at Unicorn India

Huzefa Kanorwala
-Entrepreneur, Founder & Managing Director at CTRL M Print Management India

Rajesh Sehgal
- Angel Investor & Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments

Satish Kataria
-Investment Head at Viridian Asset Advisors Private Limited

Ashwin Srivastava
- Global Investor and Cofounder of Great Manager Institute

Dharmendra Rai
- Mind Map Trainer 

Prakash Mundhra
- Founder of Sacred Moments, Marketing Director - Promotex Industries & Biz-Link services

Neeraj Sanghi
- CEO of Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP)


Entrepreneurship Summit by Jai Hind College is an excellent platform for budding entrepreneurs to not only learn from the keynote speeches of top notch industry speakers but also through an amalgamation of the National level Startup Competition and a series of Business Events that will judge their entrepreneurial acumen.

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Startup competition

The goal is to get the best startups that use their social or technological mission to meet with India's most talented businessmen.

Networking Session

All startups, mentors and speakers are invited to the post-ceremonial networking event, where startups and business insiders can interact and build connections.


Competitions, a new addition in E-Summit 2018-19, has been introduced to inculcate and nurture entrepreneurial skills in the participants. All competitions are structured to hone important skill sets that an entrepreneur should possess.

All the competitions planned at E-Summit cater to students across multiple undergraduate colleges throughout India. 

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E-Summit 2018-19 will not only focus on enhancing skill sets for participants of competitions but will also offer opportunities for attendees to enhance their knowledge and skill sets by attending workshops on emerging entrepreneurial and business avenues by leading experts. It will give attendees a platform to gain insight about newest ideas in business in an interactive way.

What people say

I was impressed with the outcome of the summit. Planning was superb and execution was excellent. I was proud to associate with this event.

Subhash Dandekar
Chairman Emeritus, Kokuyo Camlin
Thank you very much for having invited me to be a part of the day and for the gracious hospitality. I’d be delighted to continue to be engaged with this and other efforts.
Mohit Shukla
MD and Head of India Legal at Barclays
Was great being at the summit yesterday, promoting entrepreneurship in undergrad colleges is essential. Great you started with this initiative 🙂

shriyans bhandari greensole
Shriyans Bhandari
CEO Greensole & Director Heritage Girls School
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