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India is home to some of the best start ups the world has ever seen. In order to encourage the youth to become Entrepreneurs and bring a change to this world, Jai Hind College has been annually organising The E- Summit since the past two years,

Each Year Is Bigger And Better.

Keynote Speakers

Wish to be inspired?

Come, listen to captivating stories on success and failure from the biggest and best business men in India. Their speeches will leave you touched and motivated for as long as you live, their lessons will guide you and teachings will lead you to your path of success, so don’t miss out on this one!

Startup Competition

The true sense of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination, as said by Albert Einstein. Startups are nothing but a combination of imagination and perseverance. To give this creativity and diligence a platform, the e-summit includes a start up competition where the participants get an opportunity to not only compete against the best of the best and win a cash prize, but also meet with India’s most talented business men and take back some valuable learnings that can make a tremendous amount of change in their work.

Networking Session

An Entrepreneur must make the most of every opportunity presented. If you are an entrepreneur and especially a new one, this is the place for you to be at. The networking session held at the Jaihind College Entrepreneurship Summit is a post-ceremonial event where all startups get a chance to personally interact with the mentors and judges invited for the day. This session gives one a chance to be recognised by India’s best and may also score one a potential investor!


Every entrepreneur must be well aware of the intricacies of business. The competitions organised at the summit test the application of technical knowledge through analysis and solution building. Nothing tests the entrepreneurial skills of the participating students like the competitions do.


Workshops at the Jaihind College Entrepreneurship Summit focus on organising sessions held by industry experts in order to enhance skill sets of attendees and give them an opportunity to gain insights into specific fields in the world of business.

In Association With

The Jaihind College Entrepreneurship Summit is associated with NEN and Wadhwani Foundation, with access to 600+ colleges, 1000+ mentors and 3200 faculty across India.

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