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Why Competitions?

Any business cannot survive without certain aspects like Finance, Logistics, Supply Management, Marketing, Public Relation and Human Resource management. Competitions at E-Summit will be focusing on the technical intricacies of these avenues and will test the same in the participants. Any failure or incompetency in any section can lead to downfall of a startup or any established business.

Main focus of the competitions at E-Summit will be the real-life application, thorough analysis and solution building. Competence in all of these is crucial for any entrepreneur. It will give participants an excellent opportunity to showcase their technical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. Thus, E-Summit 2018 will witness some great entrepreneurs in making, exhibiting and honing their skills in the process.

Listed below are a few competitions that are planned for you at E-Summit 2018.

Masters of Disaster

In this digital age, even a small incident involving any corporation, can go viral over all kinds of media, and lead to bad publicity. This digital age requires leaders to be quick, authentic and novel in their decisions. However, behind every successful comeback, is a talented PR team, who analyses the situation and aims to “fix” the problem.
Do you have it in you to save a corporate's reputation?

Corporate Rescuers

Any successful startup requires one important trait, the ability to modify & change according to the circumstances. This competition will enable participants to know about the real-life issues and problems faced by startup owners. We have collaborated with a few mid-sized startups and have them tell us about the problems that they are facing in the current market. The teams will have to come up with a viable, practical, and an affordable solution pertaining to the issue.
This time, the risk will be real, can you survive in this state of business pandemonium?

The Domino Effect

In the present arena of worldwide business, logistics play a key factor in ensuring trade and operations of the entire setup. However, one small mistake in the supply chain, can lead to blunders, the domino effect. Combined with complex business models, dynamic consumer wants, it's a high risk playing field. This competition will give participants a bird view of the huge world of operations and enable them to hone their management skills in the process.
Can you make sure that the dominoes don't fall?

Financial Bloodhounds

Imagine being the lead officer for the Satyam Scam or The Nirav Modi Case! With millions of transactions happening online at any given moment, someone has to keep an eye out for the glitches. Fraud analysts work hard to weed out those taking advantage of stolen information or deceptive practices and spot criminal trends to prevent them. Teams will be analyzing and interpreting financial statements and company policies to identify the frauds.
Do you have it in you to spot the con?

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