Day 1 : January 11, 2019

Domino Effect - Logistics

Followed by a marketing case study,

Corporate Rescuers.

Lastly, we end with a finance case study,

Financial Bloodhounds.

Followed by an in-depth digital marketing workshop, by Mr. Akshay Gurnani.

We kick off the first day with a logistics Case Study,

The Domino Effect.

This was followed by the Public Relations case study,

Masters of Disasters.

We continue with an enlightening Elevator Pitch workshop by Mr. Vinod Keni.
We end Day 1 with an experience economy workshop by Mr. Munaf Kapadia.

Day 2 : January 12

Day 2 kicked off with the startup competition with our esteemed judges.

Mr. Neeraj Sanghi & Mr. Ashwin Srivastava

Mr. Rajiv Dingra,
We start off our speaker list with Chief Mentor and Advisor, WAT Consult.
Ms. Kainaz Messman,
Founder, Theobroma.

Mr. Prakash Mundhra

Mr. Huzefa Kanorwala & Mr. Satish Kataria
Mr. Samyak Chakrabarty,
Chairman & MD, X Billion Labs.
Mr. Mustafa Sassa,
Chairman, SEPL India, Sell Force International (Dubai), Raj Group of Companies.