Ferrucio Lamborghini: How a Tractor Maker Revolutionized Supercars

Ferrucio Lamborghini: How a Tractor Maker Revolutionized Supercars


If you haven’t already heard the story of Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini, you’re in for a treat. Perhaps you’ve known that Lamborghini and Ferrari have been rivals for years, but did you know how it all began?

It started back in the late 50s: Ferruccio Lamborghini, a man with a passion for mechanics, saw a need for agricultural supplies and decided to re-purpose military machines into tractors. His business took off and he joined the life of the wealthy. Because of his passion for cars, he gifted himself a top-notch, luxury Ferrari. However, Lamborghini wasn’t too pleased with his Ferrari because he felt it was too noisy and rough.

Lamborghini took his feedback directly to Ferrari, who at the time was at the top of the super car food chain. Ferrari was displeased with Lamborghini’s feedback, to say the least. That is when Lamborghini decided to take matters into his hands and design his very own super car. Needless to say, these two have been rivals ever since.

What you can take away from his story is Lamborghini’s attitude. He was insulted and instead of whining or complaining, he decided to make a move. He combined his passion with action and created an empire. He started as a car fanatic and finished as a legend in the industry. He didn’t let anything hold him back from his dreams. Don’t let anything hold you back either.

In my opinion, the reason behind Lamborghini’s success is he didn’t give up; Ferrari’s displeased feedback didn’t stop him from changing the future of sports cars.

Ferruccio Lamborghini has shown us how incredible successful you can become in life and what kind of a mythos you can establish only by facing a problem in his daily life, a vision that evolved out of this problem and a competitor that truly spurred Lamborghini. Lamborghini faced the problem that his Ferraris were much more repurposed track cars than (what Lamborghini hoped they were) regular road cars. At first he started to approach this problem by making Ferrari suggestions how he could improve his sport cars, but after Ferraris negative feedback he developed his very own vision. The vision to create the perfect sports car that is not a re-purposed track car, but a normal road car. This mixture of ambition and encouragement has allowed Ferruccio Lamborghini to found the Lamborghini brand, which manufactures sports cars from the 60s up to the present day.

Lamborghini, now under the ownership of Volkswagen, sells two supercars, the high-revving V10 powered Huracan and the V12 powered Aventador.

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